Personal Liability Renters Insurance in Georgia: What Does It Cover?  

If you cause bodily injury to someone or damage their property, personal liability coverage may be the best coverage for you. Moreover, it covers you, including legal fees and settlement costs, up to the limits of your policy. In the event of a loss, review your renter's insurance policy with your insurance agent to see if personal liability coverage will compensate you. If you’re looking for the best renter's insurance in Georgia, you’ve landed in the right blog. This piece of blog has you all covered. 

How much renter's insurance do I actually need in Georgia?  

On your renter's insurance, most insurance companies give you three options for personal liability coverage limits: $100,000, $300,000, or $500,000 in Georgia. When assessing the amount of personal liability coverage you may require, your net worth should be taken into account. Additionally, to figure out your net worth, tally up all of your assets, including checking, savings, retirement accounts, and other valuable possessions, and deduct your debt. Find out more about typical renter's insurance coverages. 

Personal Liability Renters Insurance in Georgia

What does personal liability renters' insurance in Georgia cover?  

Dog bites 

Personal liability claims are frequently linked to dog bites, and the average cost of treating a dog bite is $35,000. While most dogs are covered by your personal liability insurance, several breeds are not covered by renters' insurance. If you're not sure whether your dog is an excluded breed, it's a good idea to check with your insurance. Otherwise, your personal obligation may not be sufficient to compensate for losses. 

Slip and falls  

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen if you fail to protect a home guest from a known danger, such as a damp floor. Determining blame for slip-and-falls, on the other hand, can be difficult because there are a variety of reasons why someone could fall. Despite the fact that each occurrence is unique, you may take basic precautions to guarantee that no one is injured in your home. 

Swimming pools  

Swimming pools can result in accidents and drowning, which could result in a liability claim. Swimming pools, like trampolines, are considered "attractive nuisances" because they can attract children who do not have permission to be on your property. 

 Unfortunately, the pool owner is frequently found to be at fault in lawsuits. Courts frequently rule that children are incapable of appreciating private property limits or comprehending the dangers of swimming in an unsupervised pool. If you have a pool, consider erecting a fence around it or installing a lockable gate to keep intruders away. 


Does renters insurance cover personal liability? 

A renters insurance policy covers any personal liability of the tenant. Remember this is in the case of a non-family member getting injured in your apartment. 

Is renters insurance the same as personal liability insurance? 

There is some overlap between personal liability coverage and renters insurance. However, they are not the same thing. Personal liability coverage is typically included in both renters or homeowners insurance policy.

Should a tenant have liability insurance? 

Unlike auto insurance, purchasing renters insurance is not required by law but it is highly recommended to provide coverage for your belongings and more! 

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